Saturday, 10 March 2012

Empty Planet

At the moment, the world is going through one of the worst cases of poaching in decades.
Whales and dolphins in Japan are being hunted for food, tigers are being killed in India for their fur and rhino's and elephants in Africa are being killed for their horns and tusks. And that's not all of them. Not even close.

The chinese seem to think that the rhino horn can be used as an aphrodisiac. Why not just use viagra?

These animals are becoming more and more extinct every day and not enough is being done about this.

The rhino's horns are cut off whilst the poor animal is still alive. The horn is part of the bone. They feel it. They feel everything. They then bleed to death. How could people let this happen?

More and more elephants are being killed every day. There has been a huge increase in the market for ivory. What really happens to this ivory?

The ivory is shaped and sculpted and sold, then it sits as an ornament in a family home. It gets covered and dust and slowly forgotten. One of the most intelligent, beautiful animals have died just for this moment of pleasure. Is it really worth it? Is it really worth killing an animal just to decorate your house?

There are many people out there at the moment who are doing all that they can to stop poaching all around the world. (I hope to be one of these people) Many organisations are fighting to protect animals  but part of me is terrified that that won't be good enough. Part if me is scared that the human race won't realise what is happening until its too late.

We won't realise until all the animals are gone.
We won't realise until our planet is empty.

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